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What I've been thinking about...

"These are some of the things you can do to be a person instead of a source of fragments to be exploited by others."

-Jaron Lanier

A strange list from Jaron Lanier’s “You are not a Gadget”.  According to Lanier it’s personally harmful, but more importantly Societally Destructive to disregard individuals in favor of collections of (seemingly) authorless fragments… and yet this is what nearly every successful social networking site encourages.

These are his recommendations on how to partake responsibly.  I particularly like his 4th and 5th points - on taking time to develop your content, likely far more time than it will take to read/watch.

The introduction to the book suggested a 7th tip implicitly, which I’ll try to package here in my own words:

"Instead of quoting a speaker, or sharing a piece of content outright, try sitting with the ideas for a day or two.  If, after that time, you still remember how the content made you feel, then share your thoughts in your own words.  If you forget, it may not have been worth sharing, but if you remember, then the message becomes your message in your own voice.

Mindful of whom I’m quoting in this very post, I’m trying to take this advice to heart, hoping the author would approve.