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Jonathan Haidt’s suggested founding of the three dominant American political ideologies on his six moral foundations.

The thicker the line, more that ideology rests on the moral principle.

These diagrams are meant descriptively, and point to no judgements.  Surely one could cook up a post-hoc partisan description of these diagrams that casts any one of the ideologies in a bad light… and I discourage readers from doing so!!

One suggestion that Haidt has made is that the even spread of Conservatism over the six foundations offers that party/ideology a natural competative advantage when persuading voters.

Though we are all morally a little different, every person’s moral compass is built up from the six foundations.  A useful metaphor is taste-buds.  Humans all share the same five taste receptors, but that doesn’t stop one culture, or one individual from valuing certain tastes over others, perhaps differently from other cultures or individuals.  Similarly, whatever our ideologies, we all share (Haidt claims) a genetic attraction/repulsion response to these six foundations when they are either appeased or violated.

Conservative narratives will tend to appeal to each “moral receptor”, while the Liberal focus on Care/Harm may leave the moral pallet of some voters unsatisfied.