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What I've been thinking about...

Another plug for Basher Books, a Science series for kids.

If we can talk in sketchy, cartoony ways about farm animals or people in your neighborhood, then why not the physical sciences??  No age is too young to start learning about reality at this level!

The Basher book series takes this principle to heart more than any other kids book we have tried.  We recently added the Chemistry book to our collection - all the above images are from that book (and that’s just a sample… even just the chemistry volume covers three or four times the topics illustrated above!)

If the topic headings weren’t enough, let me reassure you that these books are more than just cutesy pictures.  For example, on the first page of our new Chemistry book (talking about “Solids”):

"My atoms often have a crystal structure - a regularly repeating pattern - but certain solids, such as glass, have an amorphous (random) internal structure."

As an attentive, but non-expert adult, I’d even claim that the information as presented in these books is more helpful to me that the teaching style of, say, a wikipedia page.

Don’t think your kids can’t get this!  They will rise to the level we make available to them.  They may not know what “amorphous” means - but believe me, they will ask you!  Check out all the topics available!