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Beautiful Art meets Beautiful Ideas.

These are items 5, 6 and 7 from a 24 piece set by wanderweird on deviantart.  I’ve always loved art where words and letters are made part of the composition. If you like these, make sure you look close enough to read the words - it is worth your time!

Item 7 - the last one shown above - paints a picture using words to graphically represent their own meanings.  The message at the bottom suggests that this is more like what our contructed reality really is than a plain graphic image.

Check out the whole set, they are amazing!

When arguing the virtues of text vs image to convey meaning (and subtle distinctions), I usually advocate on the side of text.  I think when one considers words presented in their spoken audio form, you get something with all the subtlety of text, but also whole new vistas of opportunity for communication.

Art using words in this way has similar potential, I think.